Art in the Mart

We offer Geauga Arts Council Members a unique opportunity to showcase their work in public spaces. With three amazing venues that feature premium display space on a quarterly rotation, you can take advantage of this great opportunity to display your art to a public audience. UH Geauga Medical Center, The Wembley Club and the Geauga YMCA in Chardon work with us to connect your art with their families. 


If this interests you, we encourage you to apply to showcase your work by emailing us at

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UH Geauga Medical Center:

On display from July 12th to October at UH Geauga Medical Center, patients, staff and visitors get to enjoy original artwork by local artist Xyl Lasersohn. All pieces on display are currently for sale. You may purchase his artwork directly from this page.

Xyl Lasersohn

Xyl Lasersohn is a studio artist based in Hiram Ohio. He received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2017. Xyl is primarily an oil painter but also works in a variety of mediums. His work is currently being exhibited at MC Studio in Chagrin Falls. Previously his work has been exhibited in venues such as Hedge Gallery, Spaces Gallery, and The Yards Projects. Images of his work appear in the sixth and ninth volume of the Ocean State Review. Xyl is currently working towards a grad degree from MICA in Baltimore Maryland and hopes to both teach at a college level and maintain an independent studio practice. 

The Wembley Club:

Mary Ann Sedivy's artwork livens the halls of The Wembley Club in Chagrin Falls, OH now through August 23rd, 2021. The Wembley Club is a family friendly club, that takes pride in providing a relaxed, fun, social atmosphere for members and their families. Located at 8345 Woodberry Blvd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023


Mary Ann Sedivy

"The landscape and the beauty of nature are intriguing and rich sources of inspiration for my paintings.  Due to the variety of colors, textures, shapes, light and sounds through each season, the natural world continually provides incentive for creativity.  This awareness is stimulated by a deep connection I feel with the outdoors.  Painting is a means of preserving and highlighting what we are rapidly losing in a rapidly changing world. 


For me, expressing the landscape isn’t confined to one means.  Sometimes a plein air painting, other times a studio painting with abstract elements.   Most often with expressive brushwork and strong elements of color exploration.   I see the landscape in many of my abstract paintings.  While working on an abstract piece, I find that I’m referencing the sky, a horizon line and other aspects of the landscape. In these abstractions, those familiar components are less literally painted.


I enjoy the exploration of surface texture, dripping thin layers of acrylic paint, drawing on the paint surface, interfacing collage media with paint and keeping the brushwork energetic. When I paint I’m thinking about colors, textures, lines, shapes and how they all fit together.  Color experimentation and developing figure ground relationships guide me while I investigate the bridge between the natural world and the painted surface."

Spirit of this Place
I Think of Summer
The Calm
Over the Water
Here on this Ridge 72 dpi
Friday Sunflower
Buteo Red tail
Brighter Days
Calm in the Storm

Geauga/Chardon YMCA

Bev Krueger, painting under the moniker "Noah's Child" has her fabulous watercolor paintings on display at the Chardon YMCA. The display will run until September 20, 2021 so be sure to stop in and see it! All artwork is available for purchase here on our website, or by calling 440-338-1092.